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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Al Franken airs apology for insensitive intersex remarks

Al Franken airs apology for insensitive intersex remarks on June 2.

Yesterday Bodies Like Ours sent an action alert containing a transcript excerpt from comedian and radio talk show host Al Franken containing an insensitive joke about intersex people and conjoined twins he made on his Air America show June 2, 2004. Many people reacted immediately by sending emails to the show expressing their dismay.

In a great example of how collective action can succeed, Al Franken will be issuing an apology for the remarks today on his show. Bodies Like Ours appreciates the quick response from Mr. Franken and his producer Ben Wikler in airing an apology. A copy of the apology is below.

A very BIG thank you to members of our community and allies for reacting so swiftly letting Mr. Franken know of their dismay.


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