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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Romney refers out-of-state cases to Attorney General's office
The Associated Press
3:15 p.m. press conference With BC-MA--
By JENNIFER PETER Associated Press Writer

BOSTON (AP) - Gov. Mitt Romney took the first step toward blocking out-of-state gay marriages in Massachusetts, sending the Attorney General records from 10 cases in which clerks accepted marriage applications from non-residents.
He also said the Registry of Vital Statistics would not record the licenses of gay couples who don't live in Massachusetts and have no intention to move here - an action that a gay rights attorney said could trigger a lawsuit.]

"It is an aggressive move that denies the validity of a marriage," said attorney Mary Bonauto, who represented seven gay couples in the landmark lawsuit that led to the legalization of same-sex marriage Monday. "Litigation is something we're going to look at very seriously."

The Republican governor said he has asked Democrat Attorney General Thomas Reilly to "take whatever action he deems is appropriate" to remind clerks in the two localities where the applications were filed to abide by his interpretation of the law.


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