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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Anti-Gay Pride Parade posters found in Jerusalem

Four days before Jerusalem's third annual gay parade, posters affixed in the city this weekend are comparing homosexuals and lesbians to child molesters.

"Mother, I heard that the bad people who sexually
assault and sodomize children are holding a parade... Dad, Mom don't let them go out on the street, Help Me!

I am afraid!" the posters, which are signed by the
'Organization of Mothers of Wounded Children,' read.

The organizers of the 'gay pride' rally, which is
scheduled to take place Thursday evening through the streets of downtown Jerusalem, said Sunday that the anti-gay message in the posters only prove "the need" for the parade to take place in the capital.


Seven Brides For Seven Brides
by Margo Williams Newscenter

(Boston, Massachusetts) There wasn't as dry eye in the church Saturday as seven lesbian couples exchanged vows in the largest mass legal gay wedding performed in America.

The ceremony was conducted by Rev. Judith Wright at the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in Northborough, Massachusetts, with dozens of friends, family and parishioners looking on. A rainbow flag decorated part of the altar.

"This is a great day for you, for this congregation, for our faith. This is a great day for all who have worked to right the injustices around gay marriage," Wright said during the ceremony.

At one point in the service the couples turned to face the congregation and recited in unison: "May our marriage always bring greater understanding of the worth and dignity of all people and strengthen the community in which we live."


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