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Friday, April 30, 2004

Lesbian, other slain students to be remembered
Associated Press Writer
NEWARK -- Newark schools will observe a moment of silence in memory of student victims of violence on the anniversary of the death of lesbian student Sakia Gunn.
"No Name Calling Day" will be observed on May 11, one year after Sakia, 15, was stabbed to death while waiting for a bus after a night out in New York. Prosecutors said it was a bias crime.


Blumenthal Will Respond To Romney On Marriage Law
HARTFORD, Conn. -- Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said he would determine by the middle of May whether the state's laws recognize same-sex marriages performed in Massachusetts.

Blumenthal said his decision would be in response to a letter from Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney questioning if laws in any state permitted gay couples to marry.

Romney said in a letter to leaders in 49 states that out-of-state gay couples will be prohibited from marrying when same-sex marriage becomes legal in Massachusetts on May 17 unless the laws in their home state permit the marriages.

"We'll seek to provide an opinion as promptly as possible, but this legal territory is certainly new and uncharted," Blumenthal said Friday.


sometimes its so hard to remain humane in the face of hate...

Right Wing Group Embraces Display Of Gays Kissing 
by Newscenter Staff
(Tallahassee, Florida) It wasn't the usual outdoor display of pictures people associate with a fundamentalist Christian group, but the ultra right wing Christian Action Network says the public needs to be shocked into seeing what really goes on at Gay Days at Disney World.

The Network, which has protested at Gay Days for the past few years and last year attempted a flyover with a plane carrying a banner denouncing homosexuality, set up a show and tell display in the courtyard of the Florida Capitol Friday demanding the legislature step in and stop the annual event.

The exhibit featured posters allegedly taken inside the park during last year's Gay Days showing shirtless gay men holding hands and kissing. The group also produced a video called “Gay Days at Disney Gone Wild”.  In some scenes it appeared men were naked and engaging in sex. 

The group has been filming the annual event since 1999 and at least one portion of the video was several years old although Christian Action Network claimed it was taken last year.


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