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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

An uncivil union
Gay marriage supporters and opponents equally incensed by unprincipled political 'solution' in Massachusetts
BOSTON -- Talk about shotgun marriages. The Massachusetts Legislature finally found a way to unite the opponents on either side of the gay marriage debate. These enemies are now wed in anger at the politicians.
On Monday, the Legislature narrowly approved an amendment to the state Constitution that would simultaneously ban same-sex marriages and establish civil unions. This dual deal was taken as a piece of double-dealing. It dismayed the folks bearing posters that read "No Civil Rights for Sodomites" almost as much as those carrying placards that said "No Discrimination in the Constitution."

Gay marriage ban nears final showdown
The Associated Press - ATLANTA
A gay marriage amendment that has deeply divided the Legislature could be settled Wednesday.


Rep. Frank Attacks FMA, Mass. Legislature Seeks Ban
by Bob Roehr
The U.S. Senate’s third hearing on the threat of gay marriage, on March 23, was a strange mix of acrimony and ennui. In the end, it was unclear whether any movement had been made in any direction, or when the committee might again take up the issue. Meanwhile, on Monday, the Massachusetts legislature voted 105-to-92 in favor of a state constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage and create civil unions instead. But the state court has said marriages must start May 17—and a state Constitutional amendment can take effect no earlier than November 2006 because it must also pass again in the next legislative session and then in a referendum by voters.


Gay Couples To Sue After Albany Clerk Refuses Gay Marriage Licenses
(Albany, New York) Two same-sex couples married over the weekend in Albany, New York, were denied licenses Monday when they applied at city hall.


Gays make case for marriage rights


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