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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

UN to vote on gay rights
By Tim Benzie & Myles Wearring
A UN resolution to support gay and lesbian rights worldwide will be voted on by the end of April, and activists are calling for local support.


if this is not the most ridiculous thing I have heard, it certainly tops the list.. for someone to say acknowledge to a class their same gender marriage, and have a parent say it is promoting a pro-gay agenda, and not questioning a hetroosexu-al marriage announcement as promoting a hetroosexu-al agenda... well shit... I don't know are people stupid or just stupid....

Parents complain, district investigates gay teacher's remarks
The Associated Press
CAMARILLO, Calif. --
When seventh- and eighth-graders asked teacher Ron Fanelle about rumors he was a homosexual and got married to his partner in San Francisco, he told the students it was true. The class gave him a standing ovation. But it's not so happily ever after for Fanelle, who had previously kept his personal life out of the classroom. The parents of one student pulled their child out of Fanelle's class and another parent showed up at a school board meeting to accuse the middle school teacher of promoting a pro-gay agenda.


Not marriage, but gay couples benefit from registries.


Civil Union bill dies
By Skip Cauthorn,
The controversial bill to ban the recognition of homosexual civil unions in Tennessee died this morning in a state House subcommittee.

The bill, which would have stated that those who have entered into such a union in other states wouldn't be recognized here, failed 4-5 in the Domestic Relations Subcommittee.


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