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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Multnomah Co. residents to join gay marriage debate wtih commissioners
Multnomah County commissioners will take public input in the debate over same-sex marriages Thursday morning. A public hearing is scheduled to begin at 10:15 a.m. in the Multnomah Building at 501 SE Hawthorne Boulevard.


amerikans can be so hateful and bigoted..

Gay-marriage debate sparks 'inflammatory' comments
By:Rob Roberts, Sun Staff Writer March 25, 2004
The Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday advanced a resolution calling for a state constitutional ban on gay marriages via a voice vote - meaning individual votes were not recorded. But it's not hard to guess where state Sen. Kay O'Connor, R-Olathe, stands on the resolution. O'Connor, who refers to the "lusty perversions of the homosexual lifestyle" in a form letter penned for those inquiring about her position on same-sex marriage, co-sponsored the Senate version of the resolution, voted for it as a member of the Judiciary Committee and said she would do so again when it reaches the Senate floor.


if you live in Kansas.. call today stop them now!

Senate begins gay marriage debate
By Scott Rothschild, Journal-World
Topeka — The Kansas Senate was scheduled to start debate this morning on a proposed constitutional amendment that would prohibit gay marriage and civil commitments. The House has already approved the measure. If 27 members in the 40-member Senate approve the House version, the matter will be on the ballot for voter consideration in November


Locals discuss DOMA petition
By Dan Schwind
Assistnat City Editor
March 25, 2004
Town residents spoke out on a petition at Wednesday's Chapel Hill Town Council public forum that would ask the N.C. General Assembly to disregard portions of the Defense of Marriage Act. While same-sex couples would not be allowed to marry within the state if the measure passed, municipalities would be allowed to recognize any couples married legally elsewhere in the country


stop Kentucky now!

Ky. House Dems. clear way for vote on gay marriage amend.
FRANKFORT, KY (AP) -- Democrats have cleared the way for the House to vote on a proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages. The dramatic reversal occurred at a private meeting that lasted nearly three hours. The 64-member Democratic caucus decided to let the proposal advance. A House committee is scheduled to vote on the amendment at a special meeting Wednesday night.


Pride For Town That Tried To Imprison Gays
(Nashville, Tennessee) Less than a week after Rhea County was forced to back down on calling for the power to jail gays under Tennessee's Crimes Against Nature law the LGBT community is preparing for its first Pride Day.

Gays from across the country are being urged to converge on Rhea County on May 24 to celebrate Rhea County Gay Day.


Poll Shows Most Americans Oppose Gay Marriages
By Mark Egan
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Most Americans oppose gay marriage and same-sex unions but nevertheless do not support President Bush's proposal to amend the U.S. Constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman, a new poll revealed on Thursday.


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