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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

....this is a note to everyone who may fall on to this site and see the many of links to the theme of marriage and think I am in support of the theme, idea or practice of marriage

... please know, I do not support the idea of marriage, and see the pitfalls of this entire cultural event as gross acts of non-questioning of an already bankrupt system, and somehow participating in this drama casts significance to the dominate powers that be... this is nothing more than a display of an over the top desire or hysteria, to buy into, and practice the rituals of the power elite, only to create resistance and hoarding by those in power. this is in practice, over determines those ritual as significant... stop buying into the system...they they are empty an meaningless.... let them know that

....a bigger question, is standardized heath care, equality in wages, and abolishment of borders... but what has happened is we have taken our eyes off the prize and settled for the candy. we need to be concentrating on the aggression and killing by this nation for world dominance and stop it at all cost, not buy its products.

....what I think is critical here is an overt culture conflict, being waged on a world scale against queers, with various players vying for power, to either destratifying or super reinforcement the various strata... this is the heterosexual dominance of culture flexing its muscle... echos of an action figure living in the white house ... this is a world leader with its head stuck way to far ups its moral righteousness of a broken down myth to see beyond its own bigotry... not do this without questioning it.... do not use the masters tool to gain your freedom..


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