poetics, time, body disruption and marginally queer solutions

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

it is attached by this - repealed by taxes and had several taste tests

if everyday I wake up - walk around - days in and walks out
if everybody would wake up and walk around and out
if the change that happens didn’t jiggle
if everybody or anybody who is anybody would get everybody’s body
if only individuals would not need to be so individual -
under the blue sky
silent without defeat
if times fell off the wall along with -
rubber things, plastic things
live things that plug into other things
linoleum, pink flamingos
microwaveable removable
redeposit situational commodities
(no I mean)
repositional reruns of situation comedies
it is clear you want to show off your originality, but do you have to?
clear fine celluloid interior
framed by insanity
if only everything was not an ember from surface fires
verbing true false side road headlines
crash site institutions with plans
if only a difference would walk in days in and days out
if only I could turn lead into gold
attached by this with several tests
if only I could repeal taxes
if I could just wake up and walk around

I could be everybody’s body


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