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Thursday, November 27, 2003

haPy turk e dy

I was going to go on about the correlation between certain words that seems to bring a bit of historical awareness such as ('Master' and 'slave') and the correlation between that and other (re)appropriated words used by subcultures that then get rereappropriated into the dominant culture without a mention. which seems easy since the subculture represents sexual minorities such as the TRUE HERMAPHRODITE or using the words like "ancient trannie." which a derivation of the word trans*exul not used until 1953 (the) Word "transsexualism" (coined about five years earlier) comes into general American usage as a result of wild journalistic frenzy over Christine Jorgensen.". and the correlation between "my inner trannie" and drag have little connection, unless you are an ftm going out to preform female.. or and mtf perfroming male being fem.. right?. but I know I do not need to go on about that, everyone is already sensitive to that that, right? there is no fetishing of these words tranny orHERMAPHRODITE. but I do not need to do that, its thanksgiving here in the states (not the rest of the world) be it seems like the rest of the world here right?.. and so we can go prepare our food and be thankful we are working to stop world hunger, right?


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